Environment, Forest and Climate Change Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Shri. Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister,Uttar Pradesh

Shri. Dara Singh Chauhan

Hon'ble Minister,Forest Department

Officer's Directory

Email ID Designation Mobile Phone No. Place
psecforest-up@nic.in Principal Secretary, Forest 9453006001 0522-2238669 Lucknow
secforest-up@nic.in Secretary, Forest 9453006017 0522-2238465 Lucknow
spsecforest1-up@nic.in Special Secretary, Forest-1 0522- 2235134,2214783 Lucknow
spsecforest2-up@nic.in Special Secretary, Forest-2 9453006018 0522-2308447 Lucknow
dysecforest-up@nic.in Deputy Secretary, Forest 9453006020 0522-2236312 Lucknow
usecforest-up@nic.in Under Secretary, Forest 0522-2214639 Lucknow
pccf-up@nic.in HOD PCCF 9453006002 0522-2206168 ,2206053(Fax) Lucknow
pccfwl-up@nic.in PCCF (W.L.) 9453006004 0522- 2206584,2208270(fa x) Lucknow
pccfmwp-up@nic.in PCCF Mon & WP 9415279693 2206051(Fax) Lucknow
apccfbio-up@nic.in APCCF (Bio) 0522-2236276 Lucknow
apccfaudit-up@nic.in APCCF (Audit) 0522-2204393 Lucknow
apccfit-up@nic.in APCCF (IT) 9415228879 0522- 2716619,2718820 Lucknow
ccffinance-up@nic.in CCF(finance) 0522-2302280 Lucknow
ccfcampa-up@nic.in CCF(campa) 0522-2209838 Lucknow
ccfsettlement-up@nic.in CCF(settlement) Lucknow