Javascript Required Do's and Dont's - UP Forest and Wildlife Department

Forest and Wildlife Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Do's Don'ts

Do's Don'ts

  1. Night Walks are prohibited in the sanctuary.
  2. No Smoking Zone and No-Fire Zone.[No fire to be lighted.
  3. Damage or harm to the birds or plants is prohibited.
  4. Playing of tape –recorders or transistors.
  5. Hunting Nets or Fire Arms are prohibited.
  6. Driving at high speeds or sounding of horn is prohibited.
  7. Creating Noise in the bird sanctuary is prohibited.
  8. Feeding Birds is prohibited.
  9. Spilling / throwing garbage, polythene or empty cans/bottles is prohibited.

Any violation of the above acts is a punishable offence under Wild Life Preservation Act 1972. Cooperation is solicited from all visitors to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.