Forest and Wildlife Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Shri. Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister,Uttar Pradesh

Shri. Dara Singh Chauhan

Hon'ble Minister,Forest Department


Frequently Ask Question
  1. Where is Okhla Bird Sanctuary Located?

    Okhla Bird Sanctuary is located near Okhla barrage in Gautam Budha Nagar, district of Uttar Pradesh, with head quarter at Gautam Budha Nagar.

  2. How do I reach Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

    Okhla Bird Sanctuary can be accessed by Road and Rail. Nearest railway station is Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station 10 km away. It is well connected with Delhi Railway Station and Connaught Place by Road. Distance from Delhi Railway Station is 20 Km and Connaught place is 3 km. Airport - Nearest air port is Delhi 25 km away from Gautam Budha Nagar.

  3. How do I contact the Okhla Bird Sanctuary Management?

    You can Contact:-

    1. Divisional Forest Officer,
      Gautam Budha Nagar Forest Division,
      Gautam Budha Nagar
      Uttar Pradesh
      Ph. No. (0120-2518044, 2513210)
    2. Forest Range Officer
      Okhla Bird Sanctuary
      Okhla FRH Campus, Canal Colony
      Okhla, New Delhi

  4. Which are the entry points to Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

    Okhla Barrage.

  5. What is the best time to visit Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

    Visiting season is from October to March.

  6. What is the Closed Period at Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

    During Monsoon.

  7. How will be the weather at Okhla Bird Sanctuary?
    4 ͦ c to 47 ͦ c, rainfall is normal

  8. What are the main species of birds in Nawabganj Birds Sanctuary?

    The main species of birds are:-
    Comb duck, Coots, Lesser whistling teal, Northern pintail, Bar headed goose, Common shell duck, Marbled duck, Pond heron, Open billed stork,  Grey lag goose, Sarus crane, Egrets, Flamingos, Great white pelican, Cormorants, Cranes, White spoonbill, Black naked stork, Peafowl, Cuckoos, Darters, White breasted kingfisher, Sandpipers, Common teal. Gadwall, Mallard, Spot billed duck, Common pilchard, Red crested pochard, Ruddy shelduck, Wigeon, Painted stork, Tufted duck, Tufted pochard, Lesser adjutant, etc.

  9. How to book ticket for Sanctuary in Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

    Tickets can be booked from Forest Range Officer Okhla Bird Sanctuary. Okhla FRH Campus, Canal Colony Okhla, New Delhi and from booking counter located at the gate.

  10. How can I cancel and reschedule my ticket for the Sanctuary?

    Tickets once sold cannot be cancelled and also cannot be rescheduled.

  11. Are vehicles allowed in Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

    Private vehicles are allowed in Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

  12. How much a ticket costs for the Sanctuary?

    S. No. Item Rate in Rs.
    Indian Foreigner

    Entry Fee per head per day

    30.00 350.00

    Entry fee for Vehicles


    Two Wheeler

    20.00 20.00


    100.00 100.00


    200.00 200.00

    Camera fee


    Still camera

    500.00 1000.00

    Movie Camera

    5000.00 10000.00

  13. How many persons are allowed in a Vehicle for the Sanctuary?

    As per the capacity of vehicle.

  14. Any exemption for the children in the Sanctuary?

    As above.

  15. Where to stay in Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

    Private accommodations are available in Noida and Greater Noida.

  16. How to make the cancellation of booked tickets?

    Once booked cannot ticket be cancelled.

  17. Where do I get more information on Okhla Bird Sanctuary?
    From the office of Divisional Forest Officer, Gautam Budha Nagar Forest  Division,Gautam Budha Nagar Uttar Pradesh Ph.  No. - (0120-2513210)

  18. What are mandatory documents that I need to carry during the Sanctuary Visits?

    For Indian nationals - A photo ID
    For Foreign nationals - Passport.

  19. What are precautions I need to take for my safety while in the Sanctuary?

    Do's and don’ts are displayed at many places in the Sanctuary.

    • Fire arms of any kind are not permitted.
    • Pets are not allowed.
    • Walking and tracking is strictly prohibited.
    • Entry is permitted only for day time.
    • Littering strictly prohibited.
    • Smoking in the Sanctuary is strictly prohibited.
    • Transistors and tape recorders are not permitted.
    • The blowing of horns and driving above the speed limit is prohibited.
    • Teasing animals is not allowed.
    • Entry without valid permit is not allowed.