Forest and Wildlife Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Eco System

Major Ecosystem Services provided by Forests
S.No. Services Infrastructure and Processes Goods and Services
Cultural services: Providing opportunities for cognitive development.
1 Aesthetic information Attractive landscape features Enjoyment of scenery.
2 Recreation Variety in landscapes with (potential)recreational uses. Travel to natural ecosystems for eco-tourism, outdoor sports, etc.
3 Cultural and artistic information Variety in natural features with cultural and artistic value. Use of nature as motive in books film, painting folklore, national and state symbols, architecture, advertising, etc.
4 Spiritual and historic information Variety in natural features with spiritual and historic value. Use of nature for religious or historic purposes (ie., heritage value of natural ecosystems and features.)
5 Science and education Variety in nature with scientific and educational value. Use of natural systems for school excursions, etc. use of nature for scientific research.
Supporting services: Providing habitat (suitable living space) for wild plant and animal species.
1 Habitat and biodiversity Suitable living space for wild plants and animals. Maintenance of biological and genetic diversity (and thus the basis for most other functions.)
2 Nursery Suitable reproduction habitat Maintenance of commercially harvested species.