Forest and Wildlife Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Shri. Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister,Uttar Pradesh

Shri. Dara Singh Chauhan

Hon'ble Minister,Forest Department


Frequently Ask Question
  1. Where is Kaimoor Wildlife SANCTUARY?

    Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary is located in two districts Mirzapur & Sonbhadra Divisional head quarter is at Mirzapur.

  2. How do I reach Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary can be accessed by Road and Rail. Nearest Railway station is Churk on Delhi–Mirzapur-Ranchi train route. It is well connected with Delhi and Lucknow by Road. Distance from Lucknow is 380.0 Kms (Churk) and from Delhi 800.00 Kms. Airport - Nearest air port is Varanasi 75 kms away from Churk.

  3. How do I contact the Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary Management?

    One can Contact Divisional Forest officer, Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary HQ at Mirzapur.

    Postal address is-

    1. Divisional Forest Officer,
      Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary,
      Ghoorahoo Patti, Jogiabari Road
      Mirzapur UP.
      Ph No-05442-253126

    2. Wild Life Warden
      Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary,
      Chruk, Sonebhadra.
      Ph. No. 8174939350

  4. Which are the entry points in Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Churk is the entry point of the Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary.

  5. What is the best time to visit Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Visiting season is from 15 Nov to 15 June. Best season for sighting is December to March.

  6. Which is the Flagship species of Sanctuary?

    Black buck.

  7. What is the Closed Period at Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    From 16th, June to 14th Nov.

  8. How will be the weather at Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over the Vindyan Range (Kaimoor hill Range)
    Summer- Temp varies from 270C to 450C
    Winter- Temp varies from 60C to 260C
    Rains are frequent during Monsoons.

  9. What are off days for Sanctuary?

    No off day during visiting season. Sanctuary is closed from 16 June to 14 Nov for visitors.

  10. How to book ticket for Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Tickets can be booked from the office of

    1. Range Forest Officer
      Robetsganj, Sonebhadra
    2. Range Forest Officer
      Ghorawal, Sonebhadra
    3. Range Forest Officer
      Gurma, Sonebhadra
    4. Range Forest officer
      Halia, Mirzapur

  11. Can I visit all the zones with one entry ticket?

    No. Can be visited for prescribed area & period. Tickets once sold are valid for Three days only.

  12. How can I cancel and reschedule my ticket for the Park?

    Tickets once sold cannot be cancelled and also cannot be rescheduled.

  13. Are Private vehicles an allowed in Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Yes, Private vehicles are allowed in Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary by paying proper Vehicle Entry Fee.

  14. How much a ticket costs for the Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    It Costs 100 Rupees for Indian and 300 Rs. for Foreigner.

  15. How to get a Guide for the Park?

    Guides are available at all the entry points.

  16. Any exemption for the children in the Park?


  17. Where to stay in Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?
    1. FRH- Harra,
    2. Touring hut –Mahuaria.

  18. How to book accommodation in Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Accommodations can be booked from the office of-

  19. Divisional Forest Officer,
    Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary,
    Ghoorahoo Patti,
    Jogiabari Road ,Mirzapur UP.
    Ph No-05442-253126

  20. How much a room costs?

    Rs. 300 per day.

  21. How to make payments for the accommodation facility?

    A request application along with demand draft in favour of Divisional Forest Officer, Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Mirzapur.

  22. Does the Forest Rest Houses have Canteen Facility?

    Forest Rest Houses have no canteen facility. Crockery is available at all the Rest houses.

  23. How to make the cancellation of booked tickets?

    Once booked ticket cannot be cancelled.

  24. Where do I get more information on Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    From the office of Divisional Forest Officer, Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Mirzapur.

  25. Is there any provision of moving on foot/camping/staying in hides

    Moving on foot is not allowed.
    Camping /staying in hides and machans are allowed only on notified places.
    Night park/cycling/ is not allowed.
    Nature trails inside the park are allowed on marked places.

  26. What are mandatory documents that I need to carry during the Park Visits?

    For Indian nationals - A photo ID
    For Foreign nationals - Passport.

  27. What are activities that can be taken up in the Core Zone of Kaimoor

    Photography, Video graphy and use of Binoculars.

  28. What are activities that can be taken up in the Buffer Zone of Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Photography, Video graphy and use of Binoculars.

  29. What precautions I need to take for my safety while in the Sanctuary?

    Do's and don’ts are displayed at many places :-

    1. Fire arms of any kind are not permitted.
    2. Pets are not allowed.
    3. Walking and tracking is strictly prohibited.
    4. Entry is permitted only for day time (from sun rise to sun set).
    5. Littering and Garbage are not allowed .
    6. Smoking in the Jungle is strictly prohibited.
    7. Transistors and tape recorders are not permitted .
    8. Blowing of horns and driving above the speed limit is prohibited.
    9. Vandalism is not allowed.
    10. Entry without valid permit is not allowed.

  30. I have purchased the ticket for the park. Does it enable me to have guaranteed sighting of the Blackbuck?

    Sighting of animals is by Chance. Sighting is not guaranteed.

  31. What are the main Places for tourist importance in addition to wild life?

    The place named as Lakhania is famous for wall painting of pre cambian era.Salakahan is famous for Fossils of Cambian era. Mukhha water fall is another place for tourist importance Black-Buck valley is famous for Sighting animals.