Environment, Forest and Climate Change Department,

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Shri. Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister,Uttar Pradesh

Shri. Dara Singh Chauhan

Hon'ble Minister,Forest Department

Do's Don'ts

Do's Don'ts
  1. Go to the sanctuary only when one has a confirmed booking of an accommodation.
  2. Obtain the required permit to move inside the sanctuary and follow all rules.
  3. Drive slowly inside ,as this helps in better view of the wildlife and also does not disturb or endanger wildlife.
  4. Keep to the trails as not doing it not only endangers wildlife but also puts you in danger.
  5. Take the pleasure of viewing wildlife, but do not invite the danger by being adventurous.
  6. Shoot form a camera, but never carry a gun inside the sanctuary.
  7. Do not listen to music inside the sanctuary instead hear the music of nature.
  8. Do not smoke inside the forest Accidental fires can destroy a beautiful jungle to ashes.
  9. The sanctuary is not a zoo, do not expect to see wildlife everywhere.
  10. Do not make your visit Tiger-centric, See the other wonders of nature and enjoy.