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Frequently Ask Question

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is located in two districts AGRA and ETAWAH of Uttar Pradesh, head quarter at Agra. Chambal sanctuary in U.P. covers an area of 635 sq km.

How do I reach National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Head Quarter?

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary can be accessed by Road and Rail. Nearest Railway station is Agra Cant and Agra Fort. It is well connected with Delhi by Yamuna express way. Road distance from Agra is 200 km., Nearest air port is at Agra about 70 km away from sanctuary (Bah ) and Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi about 210 km away from Agra.

How do I reach National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary Area?

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the left bank of River Chambal and on both the Banks of River Yamuna downstream from Dibauli ghat to Bhareh up to Panchnada.

How do I contact the National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary Management?

You can Contact:-

    Deputy Conservator of Forest, National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary,
    Mau Road Agra. UP.
    Pin code- 282005
    Ph- 0562-2530091, 2530082
    E mail- dfochambal@rediffmail.com
Which are the entry points to National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

The place known as Bah, 72 km away from Agra on Agra Etawah Road.

What is the best time to visit National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

Visiting season starts from 15th Nov to 15th June. Best season for sighting is Nov to March.

What is the Closed Period at National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

From 16th June to 14th Nov.

How will be the weather at National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

Weather is almost dry, Monsoons are very poor in this area as a result rain fall is less.  During summer temp varies from 270 c to 480 c and during winter temp varies from 20 c to 250 c.

How to book ticket for Parks in National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

Tickets can be booked from the office of Deputy Conservator of Forest National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary
Mau Road Agra,
Pin code- 282005
Ph- 0562-2530091
and also from Bah Range office.

What are the Main species found in Chambal river in National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

Fresh water Dolphin and Gharial.

Can I visit all the zones with one entry ticket?

Yes. You can visit all the areas permissible to visit.

How many vehicles are allowed in National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary and how much a ticket costs for the Sanctuary?

Private vehicles are not allowed in National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary. Sightings are possible only on boats. The Sanctuary boats are available on the river bank near Bah. Ticket detail for National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is as  under.

S. No.


Rate in Rs.




Entry Fee per head per day




Entry fee for Vehicles




Scooter/Motor Cycle/Moped








Tourist Bus




Camera fee




Still camera, digital/non-digital/small digital movie camera/handy cam




Digital/Movie Camera




Feature Film per day (including videography)




Feature Film




Documentary Film




Security Deposit for Film (per film)




Feature Film




Documentary Film



How to get a Guide for the Sanctuary?.

Guides are available in the Range office at Bah.

Any exemption for the children in the Sanctuary?


Where to stay in National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

Bah and Agra.

Is there any facility for accommodation in National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary?

Private accommodations are available at Bah  and Agra.

How to make the cancellation of booked tickets?

Once booked ticket  cannot be cancelled.

What are the provisions for citizens of Nepal?

As  Foreign Nationals.

Where do I get more information on National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary ?

From the office of  Deputy Conservator of Forests, National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary HQ at Agra.

What are mandatory documents that I need to carry during the Sanctuary Visits?

For Indian nationals - A photo ID
For Foreign nationals - Passport.

What are precautions I need to take for my safety while in the Sanctuary?

Do's and don'ts are displayed at many places in the National Chambal

  • Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Use of polythene is prohibited.
  • Fire arms of any kind are not permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Walking and tracking is strictly prohibited.
  • Entry is permitted only for day time.
  • Littering and Garbage are not allowed.
  • Smoking in the Jungle is strictly prohibited.
  • Transistors and tape recorders are not permitted.
  • Blowing of horns and driving above the speed limit is prohibited.
  • Teasing animal is strictly prohibited.
  • Entry without valid permit is not allowed.
I have purchased the ticket for the National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary. Does it enable me to have guaranteed sighting of the Dolphin and Garial

Sighting is by chance. Sighting is not guaranteed.