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Safari In Dudhwa National Park

Safari in Dudhwa National Park

Dudhwa National Park is stretched in an area across 810 square kilometers. The core area of the park itself is spanned around 650 square Kilometers. Although Dudhwa National Park has a range of animal as well as avian population, the park is famous as a perfect habitat for Swamp deer and Tigers. Dudhwa National Park was declared a national park in the year 1958. In the due course, keeping in mind its importance, it was first converted to a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1977 and was later declared a Project Tiger reserve in the year 1988.

The park shares its northern stretch with Nepal whereas its southern border stretches alongside River Suheli. The park is a brainchild of 'Billy' Arjan Singh, one of India's leading wildlife conservationists, who was instrumental in the creation of Dudhwa as a sanctuary of the Swamp Deer. Later he successfully hand-reared and introduced zoo-born Tigers and Leopards into the wilds of Dudhwa.

As said above, the Major attractions of Dudhwa National Park are the Swamp Deer and Tigers. There are as many as 1500 deer and 100 tigers in the park when the last census was done. The park also boasts off a considerable number of the One-horned Rhino. Other major wildlife attractions are Elephants, Sloth bear, Jackal, Wild pig, Fishing cat, Leopard, Jungle cat and Civet apart from 40 odd species of mammals. Dudhwa also boasts off quite a good range of migratory birds that settle here during winters. It includes among others, painted storks, black and white necked storks, Saras-Cranes, woodpeckers, barbets, kingfishers, minivans, bee-eaters, bulbuls and varied night birds of prey, ranging from the great Indian horned owl to the jungle owlet

The park has a facility of Jeep safari that is primarily arranged on a 4X4 Customized Jeeps. A guide as well as a forest officer carrying tranquilizing gun will accompany you. Alternatively visitors can also opt for an Elephant safari.

Safari in Dudhwa is the best option for the wildlife lovers to catch the amazing species of the dense ambience. Jeep safari in Dudhwa could prove as the perfect option for a wildlife safari. But for the sake of information and convenience, it is to remind that the forest officials do not provide any jeep safari or guides for assistance. One has to arrange privately for safari conveyance. Elephant rides through the Park are also offered and the mahouts or Elephant drivers also act as guides.

Safari Timing : - Daily jeep safaris in Open 4WD safari vehicles, 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Park Opening Time :(Nov till May) the best time to visit the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is from February to April. You can also visit during mid November to mid June.